Ford Program

The new Ford Program utilizes a 5:1 ratio to help students strengthen their executive functioning skills, as well as manage their ADHD, in and out of the classroom.

Why was this program created?

There was a clear need for students to receive additional assistance that did not qualify for the St. Julie Billiart Program. SJB is only for students with language based learning differences. We understand many other students still need help with time management as well as organizational and study skills to help them excel.

Who benefits from the Ford Program?

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The Ford Program helps students navigate their coursework while strengthening their organization, time management, and study skills. Through direct instruction, students gain critical tools to support academic success in high school as well as college.

Steps to Apply

Contact the Director

Rachel Mays P'28

Rachel Mays P'28

Director of the Ford Program, Learning Specialist

I am thrilled to be a part of the Ford program working alongside motivated and hardworking students. Seeing them succeed and find confidence in their abilities is the greatest reward of my job.

- Ms. Rachel Mays
Director of the Ford Program